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New Type Stainless Steel Stacked Spiral Sludge Dewatering Machine For Wastewater Sludge Treatment

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    Stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine can be widely used in municipal sewage treatment works and petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial industries water treatment system. The actual operation proved that the spiral sludge dewatering machine for customers to create considerable economic and social benefits.

    Dewatering principle
    After the concentration of the sludge in the concentration of concentrated, was transported to the dehydration department, in the process of progress with the filter and pitch gradually become smaller, and the back pressure plate under the blocking effect, resulting in a great internal pressure, volume shrink , To achieve the purpose of full dehydration.

    Product advantages
    Small design
    1. Compact design, dehydration machine which contains the electric control cabinet, metering tank, flocculation mixing tank and dewatering machine main body.
    2. Small footprint, easy maintenance and replacement; small weight, easy to carry.
    Not easy to plug
    1. With self-cleaning function. There is no need to prevent the filter clogging and cleaning, reduce the amount of water rinse, reduce the burden of internal circulation.
    2. Good at dehydration of oily sludge.
    Low speed operation
    1. Rotary shaft speed of about 2 to 3 r / min, low power consumption.
    2. Less failure, noise, vibration, safe operation.
    Easy to use
    1. Through the electric control cabinet, and bubble machine, into the mud pump, dosing pump and other linkage, to achieve 24 hours continuous unmanned operation.
    2. Routine maintenance time is short, maintenance is simple.
    1. The body is almost all stainless steel, to maximize the service life.
    2. Replacement parts only screw shaft and swimming ring, the use of long cycle.
    Design, construction, operation cost reduction
    1. Product specifications and diverse, complete range, for different processing scale, you can choose the most appropriate models, to avoid the use of small materials.
    2. Compact body design, concentrated dehydration integration, with its own control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank and other auxiliary devices, supporting equipment, strong, easy to design.
    3. Small design, easy to local conditions, can reduce the floor of the dewatering machine itself and construction costs.
    4. With sludge enrichment function, it is not necessary to concentrate and store the unit, reduce the overall space occupied by sewage treatment facilities and construction costs.
    5. The main body of the dewatering machine has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need to prevent the sludge clogging and a lot of water cleaning.
    6. Low-speed screw extrusion technology, low power consumption.
    7. Automatic control cabinet with automatic control device, from the transport of sludge, into the liquid, concentrated dehydration, to the discharge of mud cake, to achieve 24 hours of automatic continuous unmanned operation, reduce labor costs.

    Applicable to a wide range
    1. Applicable to municipal sewage, food, beverages, chemicals, leather, welding consumables, paper, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries sludge.
    2. Suitable for high and low concentration of sludge dewatering. For low concentration (2000mg / L ~) sludge dewatering, no need to build a thickening tank, storage pool, reduce construction costs, reduce the release of phosphorus and anaerobic odor.

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